How Much Has 3D Printing Evolved Since Its Creation?

How Much Has 3D Printing Evolved Since Its Creation?

3D printing has come a long way, evolving fast to become the main manufacturing technique used by countless industries including the military and aerospace. It is an affordable additive manufacturing method that is perfect for different volumes of production.

Why 3D Printing Has Become Popular

Fast and affordable, there are several reasons why the use of 3D printing has grown so rapidly. Three of them are:

There is an extremely fast turnaround from image to product, leaving room for a seamless process of design. Because so little time is needed, it is possible to make different versions of the final product and settle on the best in record-setting time.

You can save a lot of time on assembly since complex geometries can either be printed as one piece or consolidated in a single build.

Finally, the end quality is so good, there is practically no need for extra machining after the product is printed.

Different Materials For 3D Printing

While in the beginning there were only a few materials available for 3D printing, market demand has led to the production by different chemical companies of a variety of materials.

These range in characteristics from strong and durable, to lightweight, soft, and flexible. Two good examples of these are silicone and TPU, which have been used for several things including shoe insoles, seals, gaskets, and hoses.

There is great demand for flame retardant material for industries in which flame safety is a big requirement like transport and electronics.

Another material is high-performance ceramics with high temperature and chemical resistance, high strength, and a light weight. These are in high demand in industries like aerospace, electronics, and more.

There are also metals, both regular and specialized, and these make up a large portion because of their increasing demand in construction, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and many other industries.

A survey of manufacturers by Essentium shares that the number of manufacturers using 3D printing for full scale production has doubled from 21% in 2018 to 40% in 2019. Such information makes it easy to see how far 3D printing has come, and how much further it will go. With key industry players leaving no holds barred, it is exciting to see how 3D printing will keep evolving. To learn more about Paradigm Manufacturing’s role in the industry, or to receive our services, call us today!