How Does 3D Printing Help With Rapid Prototyping?

How Does 3D Printing Help With Rapid Prototyping?

3D printing is taking the manufacturing industry by storm. If you’ve been researching 3D printing, you may have come across the term “rapid prototyping.” It’s a great way to bring ideas into reality and see what can be improved, all within a short timeframe. On average, the rapid prototyping market has grown 27% every year since 2015. It means fewer mistakes down the line, and it costs a fraction of what other manufacturing methods do. Continue reading to learn more about rapid prototyping and what it means for 3D printing.

Rapid Prototyping, Explained

If you need to manufacture a part, jig, or full assembly using 3D printing, then it’s time for you to turn to rapid prototyping. With rapid prototyping, designers have the ability to swiftly create, test, and change the item that they need to print. Whether it’s a relatively simple or complicated design, you can create a mock version of it, in a short turnaround time, with rapid prototyping. Time and money are saved through this process of crafting new parts.

It’s Faster

No longer do manufacturers and designers have to suffer long wait times to receive their prototype. Parts can be created quicker than ever before, even more than one version of a part, meaning that important decisions regarding the design don’t have to be put off. You can know sooner if modifications are required.

It’s Economical

When you’ve had the ability to test your parts, you can reduce the risk of manufacturing flawed batches. Manufacturers can feel confident knowing that they were able to approve their prototype. Shorter wait times for prototypes also put money in your pocket, because as we all know, time is money.

Get Creative

Designers are free to experiment with clever designs, not having to worry about time spent on prototypes. Having extra time means finding innovative ways to improve upon initial thoughts. Because of the quick nature of rapid prototyping, designers can work through their initial ideas quicker. You can also use a wide variety of materials and colors for your prototype.

If you are ready to get creative, as well as save time and money with rapid prototyping, contact the experts at Paradigm Manufacturing. We will help you perfect your design so that you can begin with full-scale production ASAP.