How Cost-Effective Is 3D Printing?

How Cost-Effective Is 3D Printing?

Many business owners who find themselves dreaming of lower manufacturing costs are turning to a tried and true method — 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. While the costs can vary depending on the volume required and the uniqueness of parts manufactured, many still find the low costs associated with 3D printing to be shocking. The technology involved with additive manufacturing is much more concrete and proven than many people believe. The number of manufacturers who used 3D printing for full-scale production doubled between 2018 and 2019, going from 21% to 40%. Below are a few ways that this manufacturing technique could save you and your business money.

Time Is Money

Everyone is familiar with the concept, but the saying rings especially true when it comes to manufacturing — time is money. Because 3D printing is a single-step manufacturing process, the time required to produce parts is considerably reduced. The work gets done faster with fewer machines, saving you money and earning you even more by producing higher volumes than other methods of manufacturing. Additive manufacturing can produce larger batches of parts, as opposed to smaller ones.

Prototyping Made Easy

Making a prototype is a notoriously tiring and costly endeavor. 3D printing helps with this, allowing you to make prototypes that are both high-quality and cost-effective. It’s been a widely adopted technique for rapid prototyping, and for good reason. By developing your project using additive manufacturing, you can use a wide array of materials for your prototypes. You can find what materials will save you the most money, and you can do so in a quick time frame, saving you even more.

Save On Labor

One large benefit of using 3D printing for manufacturing is the reduced costs associated with labor. Other than what is spent on post-processing, many printers work independently. They don’t need as much attention and help from an operator or technician. Thus, the funds spent on labor can be significantly lower than funds spent on traditional manufacturing, where you need highly-trained workers on deck at all times.

It Doesn’t End There

Other costs that are lessened or eliminated by choosing additive manufacturing are material costs, assembly costs, tooling costs, producing costs, inventory costs, and more! To learn more about how 3D printing can save your business time, energy, and money, contact the experts at Paradigm Manufacturing. We are happy to educate you on how our processes can make your manufacturing more efficient and help you decide if our 3D printing services are right for you.