4 Ways 3D Printing Benefits Healthcare

4 Ways 3D Printing Benefits Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the top industries seeing incredible results from the use of on demand 3D printing. Different areas of the field use the manufacturing method in different ways, getting creative and constantly making the most of the innovative technology. Below are just a few ways that 3D printing has shown itself not only to be an asset but a necessity to the medical industry.


One way in which 3D printing is changing the healthcare industry is by benefiting surgical preparation. Fake organs are being created so that surgeons may practice surgery prior to performing the actual surgery. Having 3D-printed organs gives surgeons the opportunity to get hands-on experience that they wouldn’t receive simply by reading about a case or looking at x-rays and scans of a patient. 3D printing also allows for customization, meaning a surgeon could specify the organ printed to be more akin to someone’s specific organs, making the practice all the more realistic.


3D printing has come a long way in terms of creating prosthetic limbs. It’s a manufacturing method that is set to make prosthetics more accessible to those who need them, as the prosthetics made can be easily customized to an individual’s needs and are all-around more economical. Many projects have seen success in creating arms and limbs with 3D printing, so it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s talking about the benefits of it. Comfortable and cost-effective prosthetic solutions are no longer just a dream.


General dentists and orthodontists alike have seen the potential that 3D printing has within the dental industry. The technology is being integrated seamlessly into the day-to-day operations of qualified dentists all over. 3D printing has the ability to make and individualize crowns, braces, bridges, implants, and more, all in a quicker timeframe than ever before! The costs are often lower than those associated with other forms of manufacturing, creating a win-win scenario for both those practicing dentistry and the patients.


It isn’t just fake organs being 3D-printed to aid with surgery, but the tools used during actual surgeries, as well. A vast majority of the tools used in procedures can be 3D-printed — including clamps, forceps, and more. The tools cost less to make, can be quickly replaced, and are extremely sterile. Specific shapes of tools can be created, as well, should they be required.

The healthcare industry isn’t the only one taking advantage of 3D printing services. The most popular application of 3D printing in the aerospace and defense industry is prototyping, followed by repair, development and research, and the production of parts. If you would like to hear more about how 3D printing is making waves in the healthcare industry or to integrate 3D printing into your organization’s manufacturing, contact the professionals at Paradigm Manufacturing today! We’re the 3D printing company that the medical industry relies on.