4 Pros to Using Additive Manufacturing

4 Pros to Using Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, commonly referred to as 3D printing, is an innovative method of manufacturing 3D objects layer by layer. Here are 4 benefits businesses should consider when deciding whether to switch to additive manufacturing for your production needs.


Traditional methods of manufacturing often have a large margin for error. The original design might begin to alter slightly with each subsequent batch, resulting in a defective product, or a product that is slightly different than the intended design. Not only that, but a client might also experience long lead times and supply chain interruptions during the manufacturing process. When working with a 3D printing company like Paradigm Manufacturing, companies can avoid these headaches. With additive manufacturing parts are produced in succession, with every printed part observed throughout the whole process to ensure a high-quality end result. 


3D printing is an environmentally friendly form of manufacturing for several reasons. Drilling and cutting materials to create parts usually results in a large amount of waste. This is avoided with on-demand 3D-printed manufacturing. Traditional manufacturing methods typically produce factory emissions and travel pollution from items being shipped country to country. Additive manufacturing, on the other hand, does not harm the environment whatsoever, making it a top pick for sustainable and ethical brands. 


For both bulk orders and smaller production runs, additive manufacturing is ideal in terms of cost-effectiveness. Large orders do not require the high cost of additional storage, because parts can be produced as they are needed and ordered. Smaller batches are also cheaper, making it ideal for market testing. Additionally, local 3D printing companies create parts in-house, which can reduce the cost of shipping if the client is able to pick up orders themselves.


Rapid prototyping is the process of designing, printing, and testing a uniquely created part in a short time span. This is likely the most compelling benefit of additive manufacturing. Fewer machines, people, and locations are needed with 3D printing, making the time it takes to receive your product faster than any other manufacturing process.

3D printing is an innovative form of manufacturing, and its demand is rising quickly. According to tctmagazine.com, the rapid prototyping market has seen an average annual growth of 27% since the year 2015. To learn more about how additive manufacturing can benefit your business, contact the team at Paradigm Manufacturing today.