Is Home Building the Future of 3D Printing?

Is Home Building the Future of 3D Printing?

We know 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing across many industries, but what about in residential construction? According to, the number of manufacturers taking advantage of 3D printing for full-scale production doubled between 2018 and 2019, jumping from 21% to 40% and it continues to rise. Now, more than ever, the power of additive manufacturing can transform the way companies produce large-scale products. This innovative approach to home building is still new and in development, but it could very well be the future of this industry.

The Process

When crafting a home using additive manufacturing, an enormous printer uses the original digital design to print a unique concrete formula layer by layer onto the chosen plot. In this way, this large-scale work is like traditionally built concrete homes and is equally as architecturally sound. Then, to put it simply, layers of walls are laid down until the whole framework is constructed and you have a completed 3D printed home.

Time and Cost-Effective

In comparison to traditional home building methods, 3D printing is a budget-friendly approach to home construction. Using 3D technology, homes could be constructed at just a fraction of the cost of traditional home building. This could keep costs low for home building companies who utilize this advanced construction technology.

Not only is a 3D printed home cost-effective for all involved in the home building process, it’s also a much quicker alternative. While this varies depending on the project scope and size, a 3D printer could theoretically build out the walls of a home in as little as a few days, versus the months it usually takes with traditional construction materials. 

Global Benefits

3D printed materials produce zero waste or carbon emissions, making it an eco-friendly option for manufacturing. In addition to helping the environment, 3D printing could also dramatically impact other social issues as well. As using 3D printing in home building becomes more common it could help to reduce homelessness and the time it takes to rebuild homes that have been affected by natural disasters. 

This method of construction is still being tested and perfected, but the benefits thus far point to a bright future for the home building industry. 3D printing is reshaping the way we build the world – one part, and potentially one home, at a time. To learn more about professional 3D printing services, contact Paradigm Manufacturing today.