How Small Businesses Benefit From 3D Printing

How Small Businesses Benefit From 3D Printing

With 3D printing propelling large tech industries such as the aerospace, automotive, and medical forward in recent years, a new survey has found that additive manufacturing is also playing a role in small business manufacturing. According to, approximately 79% of companies surveyed expect that their use of 3D printing for parts and goods will more than double within the next three to five years. This article will examine several ways that small business owners can benefit from the digitalization of manufacturing. 

Create High-Quality Products

3D printing can have a positive impact on small businesses in terms of production, prototyping and more. Digitizing a production workflow with the help of a 3D printing company like Paradigm Manufacturing will allow a small business owner the ability to produce high-quality parts faster than ever before. With the current supply chain disruptions, shipping delays, and other overseas manufacturing issues, small business owners are increasingly realizing the importance of on-demand manufacturing. 

Design and Test Prototypes Quickly

Small business owners with original ideas can partner with engineers at experienced 3D printing companies to create an innovative product prototype. These prototypes are designed and created efficiently in-house for quick testing. This effectively eliminates the need for overseas vendors and custom product manufacturers that might take weeks or even months for each prototype revision. Products are designed in-house, created on-site, and delivered locally. Additionally, these products can also be produced in small quantities to generate project models for potential investors and customers. Contacting a 3D printing company like Paradigm Manufacturing is the first step in creating durable, high-quality parts and products that can be added to a small business’s inventory in record time. 

Save Money

3D printing with a local company is generally a fraction of the cost of other methods of production or prototyping. When using 3D printing services, a small business owner can manufacture parts and products as they are needed or ordered, reducing a company’s warehouse distribution center cost for storage. Production speed, flexibility, consistency, and quality all play a part in reducing costs in the short and long term.

Simply put, 3D printing is making an impact on major industries and companies of all sizes, including small businesses. To learn more about 3D printing and how it can help your small business, contact the experts at Paradigm Manufacturing today.