Paradigm Manufacturing Welcomes New Types of Printers

Paradigm Manufacturing Welcomes New Types of Printers

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is becoming increasingly popular. These versatile printers generate products by utilizing powders, plastics, and resins by layering process to create a three-dimensional object one layer of material at a time. 3D printers offer numerous advantages over traditional manufacturing, saving businesses time and money while outputting detailed, repeatable, and accurate components in scalable operations.

At Paradigm Manufacturing, we are committed to high-quality production using only the latest 3D printing technology available. This is why we are happy to announce the arrival of three new types of printers at our facility—BigRep large-format printers,  Mimaki color printers, and RapidShape resin printers—that will revolutionize our printing capabilities to better serve our customers.

Large-Format Printer (FDM Printing) 

We are excited to introduce our new large-format Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers. The BigRep PRO enhances our capabilities for printing large components and products. We will be offering 14 different material options on this machine.

Benefits of FDM Printers

The following are some additional advantages of using FDM printers:

  • Speed. These printers allow for rapid production and are carbon fiber-ready.
  • Precision. Even at high speeds, FDM printers are highly accurate.
  • Temperature control. For optimal functionality, our large-format FDM printer has a temperature-controlled filament chamber.

Applications of FDM Printers

Some standard applications of FDM printers include:

  • Tooling
  • Fixtures and jigs
  • Molds
  • Functional prototypes
  • Casting Patterns & Patternmaking 

Color Printer From Mimaki

In addition to our large-format printers, we also own a new Mimaki full-color 3D UV-curable inkjet printer. In this 3D printer, Mimaki built on its experience with conventional 2D inkjet printers to now develop a 3D printer that enables full-color modeling and smooth component surfaces.

Benefits of Mimaki 3D Printers

The Mimaki 3D color printer is superior for its:

  • Ink. This printer offers impressive post-process performance, with ink containing acrylic binder for optimal hardness.
  • Vibrant colors with versatility. Our Mimaki printer has the capability to reproduce over 10 million colors for beautiful aesthetics.
  • Precision detailing. The printer can achieve intricate molds that enable fine details.

Applications of Mimaki 3D Printers

The 3D color printer from Mimaki can produce:

  • Hanging or standing signs for businesses
  • Pictogram signs
  • Wall decorations
  • Door knockers
  • Building, vehicle, and other models
  • Dolls and figurines
  • Wearable items like buttons, hair ties, and jewelry

Resin Printer (DLP Printing)

At Paradigm Manufacturing, we now have one of the largest resin printers in the market today: the Rapid Shape i100 Resin Printer. These printers give us the capability to print with more than 200 resin types in-house, including custom-made resins depending on the customer’s application. Manufacturers often prefer resin printers for their capability to create highly precise, watertight, and isotropic end products and prototypes with intricate detailing.

Benefits of DLP Resin Printers

Some of the top benefits of using resin printers include:

  • Durable components. Resin-printed models tend to exhibit high strength.
  • Superior speed. These printers can generate components even more quickly than FDM printers, and with impressive detail.
  • Smooth surfaces. Resin printers generate smooth surfaces on components, so printed objects don’t necessitate much finishing.

Applications of DLP Resin Printers

Resin printers have a wide range of applications. They can create:

  • Rubber-like components
  • Pieces of jewelry
  • Computer hardware
  • Medical models
  • Dental products

Partner With Paradigm Manufacturing for Innovative Printing Technology

Since 2018, Paradigm Manufacturing has served a broad customer base from our facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in additive manufacturing, with capabilities for low-to-high-volume production on our state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment. In addition to our new printers, we also utilize an HP MJF 5200 3D printer for strong, high-performance parts. Our well-trained and experienced team also offers design, prototype, consulting, and online on-demand services as we strive to make the printing process as simple as possible for customers.To learn more about our capabilities and how our new printers can support your business, contact us today.