Paradigm is on the Workforce Accelerator Advisory Board

Paradigm is on the Workforce Accelerator Advisory Board

There’s a growing need for mid-level and highly-skilled workers in advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, and information technology. The Arizona Workforce Training Accelerator Partnership for Next Generation Jobs (AZNext) was created to address this shortage, build sustainable workforce training programs, and develop the next generation of industry leaders. 

In conjunction with the Arizona Technology Council and Arizona State University, the Workforce Accelerator Advisory Board (WAAB) is responsible for offering feedback and recommendations for various programs and activities within AZNext with consideration for the future of manufacturing and other industries. Its members include executives representing various IT, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing companies, and Paradigm Manufacturing is proud to be among this invitation-only board of experts. 

To join WAAB, Paradigm had to select individuals who met the following criteria:

  • A director-level or above executive who sets the strategic priorities in the following technical practice area, i.e. advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0), IT, or cybersecurity
  • An executive representing the organization’s workforce development, HR, or talent acquisition team

Paradigm selected Robert Moffitt, Jr who has had years of experience and a passion for the future of advanced manufacturing and the career opportunities it provides.  

What Are the Benefits of WAAB?

Because WAAB members are deeply connected to their industries, they can ensure workforce recruiting and training aligns with emerging trends and probable changes within the industry’s best practices. They also promote connections with industry leaders all over the country and help prepare future leaders for full-time careers. 

One of the Board’s primary objectives is to prepare for the future. By reviewing and refining strategies across industry sectors within advanced manufacturing, information technology, and cybersecurity, the Board can help companies meet both immediate and future hiring needs. It’s an ongoing process that requires consistent evaluation of workforce education programs to determine the basic, mid-, and top-tier competencies required for various positions in each sector. Together with our fellow Board members, we will collaborate on designing curriculum and experiential learning activities that prepare employees to meet the real-world needs of these industries, now and into the future. 

Significant Impact for Arizona Manufacturers

Paradigm Manufacturing can provide a wealth of insight into the 3D printing industry, including: 

  • Current and emerging trends
  • Hiring best practices
  • The skilled employee shortage
  • Required training and job preparation
  • Essential skills for specific roles within a manufacturing organization

We’re based in Phoenix, AZ, and we know first-hand how the skills shortage is hurting manufacturers in our area. As part of the WAAB, we will share our insights and feedback with Arizona State University, so they can develop workforce training based on real-life industry needs. It’s an incredible opportunity for Paradigm to lead the way in developing advanced manufacturing in Arizona, giving residents the training they need to build a successful career in this exciting industry and promoting the economic growth of our state. 

Paradigm: Shaping a Better Future for Arizona

American manufacturing is the future, and it requires a highly-skilled workforce. Paradigm Manufacturing is excited about the opportunity to serve on the Workforce Accelerator Advisory Board and help shape the curriculum and training programs that will prepare people for a career in advanced manufacturing right here in Arizona. Job opportunities within this industry boost the economic condition of individual communities and the state as a whole, and we’re proud to be a part of shaping a better future for Arizona. 

If you have questions about 3D printing, advanced manufacturing in general, the Workforce Accelerator Advisory Board or AZNext, or if you are interested in pursuing a career in this industry, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us online or call (480) 685-9762 to learn more.