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When it comes to 3D printing, there are no limits to what you can create. All you need is your imagination and a little help from us.

Experts in 3D Printing

The mission of Paradigm Manufacturing is to be a leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution by transforming the manufacturing industry into a digital manufacturing eco-system that thrives in the new sharing economy. Paradigm Manufacturing will strive to be the pioneer in low carbon production, zero inventory, and eco-friendly manufacturing.
Paradigm Manufacturing is aware that the world is changing dramatically and understands that there needs to be a drastic and prompt shift in the manufacturing practices of what was once deemed the standard.

The Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Manufacturing sets the stage to be the premier flagship operation for the future of manufacturing. As stated in our mission, social responsibility is an integral component of our operation. At Paradigm Manufacturing, we believe there is a moral obligation to ensure we create as low of an impact on our environment as possible.

We utilize sustainability and proper sustainability training as a guiding principle, believing that sustainable operations are critical to ensuring that the actions we take today do not compromise the safety and prosperity of future generations. We achieve this by using eco-friendly materials, recycling and reusing at least 80% of our printing materials, and by giving back to the environment to offset our carbon footprint.

We provide everything you need to successfully complete your project

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3D Printing Service Bureau Phoenix


When it comes to 3D printing services, consider us for the job. Paradigm Manufacturing is a 3D printing service bureau serving the area of Phoenix, AZ. There are truly no limits to what we can create for you when it comes to what our Phoenix 3D printing service bureau provides.

As a 3D printing service bureau Phoenix, we work hard when it comes to providing a positive experience from rapid prototyping needs to custom 3D printing services. Each 3D printing project that we work on, has a completion date that is dependent on the material, size and amount of prints needed.

As a 3D printing service bureau, we offer Phoenix with:

  • Prototyping printing services
  • 3D printing service bureau consultations
  • 3D printing design service
  • 5200 3D printer capabilities

Get in touch with Paradigm Manufacturing when you need a qualified and professional 3D printing service bureau.

(480) 685-9762

3D Printing Services Phoenix


The first thing with our Phoenix 3D printing services is to get an instant quote from our 3D printing service bureau. After creating an account with our 3D printing service bureau, you can upload your file for our 3D printing services. Our 3D printing service bureau can ship your 3D project anywhere.

We are the first 3D printing service bureau in the state of Arizona to own a HP 5200 printer. Our Phoenix 3D printing services offers multi-jet fusion 3D printed parts. If you think about a part you need printed, we can print it out for you. Contact our 3D printing services Phoenix team, and we would be able to help you.

Some advantages you will find with our Phoenix 3D printing services includes:

  • 3D printing services offer speedy production
  • 3D printing services are consistent
  • 3D printing services gives sophisticated geometrics
  • 3D printing services offers mass scalability

Contact Paradigm Manufacturing for any questions you have regarding our Phoenix 3D printing services.

(480) 685-9762

3D Print Service Bureau Phoenix


If you are inquiring about the services of a Phoenix 3D print service bureau, look no further than our services. When you are searching for a Phoenix 3D print service bureau, you need a business that gives precise calibration, speedy production, mass scalability, durability and more. With the services of our Phoenix 3D print service bureau, we can print anything that you can think of. No matter the quantity or shape of the product that you need, our 3D print service bureau can make it happen. Our team of 3D print service bureau Phoenix experts are here for you regarding any questions that you may have.

With the capabilities of our 3D printer, we can provide:

  • On demand 3D print services
  • Precise calibration with 3D print services
  • Custom 3D print services
  • 3D print design services

Get in touch with Paradigm Manufacturing when you need one of the best Phoenix 3D print service bureau options available.

(480) 685-9762

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