HP MJF 5200

HP MJF 5200

Our 3-D Printing Tools

Paradigm Manufacturing is the first in the state of Arizona to own a HP MJF 5200. We are a Computer Aided Manufacturer Service (CAMS) that offers multi-jet fusion 3-D printed parts. Any part you can think of, we can make for you. Just use our Instant Quote Tool or contact us!


Advantages of 3D Printing

We maintain tolerances of +/- 0.005” or +/- 0.002” per inch when we produce your 3D Print.
Each 3D Print production to delivery time frame varies; however, we typically can finish your project in under 5 days!
Since our team and the HP MJF 5200 are awesome at what they do, we are able to easily produce anywhere from one to hundreds of copies of your project on demand.

Our HP MJF 5200 3D printer is can handle all shapes and angles without damaging the durability of your project or wallet.

With our 3D printing resources and the materials that we use, your product will experience greater strength, more flexibility, and better resistance to stress compared to other production methods. Our completed products can have texture, sharp edges, and many other design features unique to our 3-D printing.

Your part will be consistently the same every time you order it. If you order a part this year and need a replacement in the future, we can print the exact same object without a snag!

Your product is made with a 3D print process that has a lower carbon footprint than most mass production parts. That is part of the reason why we are a Platinum Green Business leader in Phoenix, Arizona. Call us to find out more reasons why!


No 3-D Project Is Too Big or
Too Small For Us

pa11 pa12 certifications
pa11 pa12 certifications

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