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We were able to replace a set of expensive machined aluminum components with much lower cost plastic parts. The service was great and turn around was very fast. The parts were able to go directly into the final assembly without the need to go out for anodizing like the aluminum parts that they replaced.
Patrick F.
Best printer. My new favorite material. And Great service! They helped me finished my project with a super fast turnaround. I can’t thank them enough!
John B.
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3D Printing Prototyping includes a First Article for your review and if changes are needed, we will update the prototype to meet these changes.

If you dream it, we can print it.

Rapid Prototyping Services


Rapid prototyping is the process of using 3D printers for the design process of creating prototypes. We, at Paradigm Manufacturing, offer experienced and innovative prototyping services.

By beginning your project with a 3D prototype, you will save time and money. You can easily create all the designs that you want, from simplistic to intricate 3D prototyping. You can take advantage of our rapid prototyping services to make different iterations, so the prototype can perfectly match your expectations for your final product.

Paradigm proudly boasts fast turnaround times that ensure you will get the prototypes back much faster than you would with a traditional manufacturing process. We also offer a wide selection of 3D prototyping materials that allow you to test your products in everything from plastics to metals.

Some reasons to consider our rapid prototyping services for a model includes:

  • Rapid prototyping shows functionality
  • Rapid prototyping shoes manufacturability
  • Rapid prototyping shows viability
  • Rapid prototyping shoes profitability

Call Paradigm Manufacturing for rapid prototyping needs and questions.

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